Monday, 15 August 2011

what's your special that makes you you?

This is my first attempt at a kiddies book. I've been threatening to do it for years but never seem to find the inspiration or motivation. This was jotted down over a cup of tea and a rusk, so I really would appreciate any feedback, and should you have some 'test' subjects, feel free to ask them too

What's your special that makes you You?

What would a cow do if it couldn't moo? Would people stop and ask "What are you?"

What would a frog be if it couldn't hop? Is it still a frog or just a green flop?

What is a bird without a feather? Is it still a bird if it can't flock together?

If a bunny doesn't like to munch on a big juicy carrot can it still be called a rabbit?

If a cat isn't able to take a cat-nap does it get mean and grumpy and snap?

How would a fish breathe if it didn't blow bubbles? Would that bubbleless fish be in trouble?

Every lion in the jungle has its roar. Some are loud, some not so much and some just snore!

A rat is furry and has a long tail. If it wasn't this way we would call it a snail!

A chicken lays eggs and a has a sharp beak but what would we do if a chicken had teeth?

A tiger has stripes, a leopard has spots, a fly likes to fly - it just can't stop!

We all have something special about us, that's true. What's your special that makes you You?