Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Loving you is as easy as A B C

Reading one of my favourite blogs this morning I came across this post and thought I'd try my hand at it too. Thanks http://colourgiggles.wordpress.com/2011/10/21/the-a-z-of-us/ for the idea xxx

A is for Arachnophobia...you are petrified of spiders even though you were singing "incy wincy spider" at 14 months. Actions and all

B is Balloons...you love your balloons my little girl. We have them around the house all the time

C is for Curly hair...as a little baby you had the softest hair, like little bird feathers and now it's curly and perfect...just like you

D is for Daddy...you adore your daddy and your daddy adores you. You are the apple of his eye, the light of his life, the tomato sauce to his hot dog

E is for Esther...your goggo, your friend and a very important member of our family

F is for Fun...it's fun being with you. You're funny and you make me and dad smile all the time with your cute little antics

G is for Grateful...we are so grateful that of all the people in the all the world, you chose us to be your mommy and daddy. We are grateful to the angels for working their magic

H is for Hello Kitty...if there's one thing we share it's a love for the gorgeous feline. No matter what it is, if it's got Hello Kitty on it it's in our house

I is for Ice lollies...you have a love-hate relationship with these. You hate having to hold it yourself because they're 'chilly' but you're more than happy to eat mine

J is for Jumping castles...you love jumping castles or at least the idea of them. You dream about them, you talk about them until you get close to one and then you're too nervous to go on it

K is for Kayooooot...everything you see that takes your fancy, from our 4 dogs to a tiny little baby, you exclaim "Kayoooooooooot"

L is for Love...I thought I knew what love was until you came along. We love you more today than we did yesterday, but nowhere near as much as we'll love you tomorrow

M is for Mom / Melinda...I am your mom, mommy and mamma. To other people I am Emma's mom or Mamma Emma and it's a title I wear with pride and absolute joy (M is also for Mark, your daddy)

N is for Notes...what started off as one little note has become a series. Every morning we write a little note for your lunch box, which Teacher Jen reads to you. We're saving each and every one for your memory box

O is for Ohhhhhhhhhhh...another favourite expression of yours. If I say we're going to a birthday party you put your hand to your mouth, make a big round O and then go "oooooooooohhhhhhhhhhh...will there be jumping castles?" If I tell you we're going to see Thabani or Max or Luca you do the same thing

P is for Perfect...that's what you are, in every single way

Q is for Quacking...you love your rubber duckies at bath time and one of the first songs I ever taught you (and that you added the sound effects) was Three Little Ducks Went Swimming One Day...

R is for Reading...you love reading and every story, no matter how it starts, has your own intro of "one pon time"

S is for Serendipity...we both love Serendipity on weekends. For so many reasons. We've both made the most wonderful friends and a weekend's just not complete without Thabani, Future, Thoko and Precious

T is for Tickles...you love being tickled. You laugh and howl and scream and yell "No more tickling, no more tickling!" until we stop. Then you demand to be tickled again

U is for Unbelievable...it's unbelievable how much our lives have changed in such a short space of time. From the time when it was just dad, me and the furry four-legged pets to our new family which includes the UNBELIEVABLE you! I look at photos of when you were a few weeks old and again I think how unbelievable it is that that teeny tiny little baby has blossomed into such a character filled little girl

V is for Vegetables...if only I could get you to eat them

W is for Winnie the Pooh...we love Winnie the Pooh. He's just a little bear but full of wisdom. At our wedding I put a few words together on my love for your daddy...as hard as I tried there was only one little bear that could say it best - “If you live to be a hundred, I want to live to be a hundred minus one day so I never have to live without you.” 

X is for X-Chromosome...which makes you a girl or a boy. Boys have one and girls have two and that's already what's special about you

Y is for Yes...the day daddy said "yes" we could bring you home was the day my world became a brighter, happier, sunnier place

Z is for Zest...you have a zest for life which is contagious


  1. What a stunning idea! Love it.

  2. And S is for sassified!!! That's my lil Emma, she's such a joy!!!

  3. had so much fun doing it. Thought I'd battle for words, but I found myself having to edit down