Thursday, 20 October 2011

Notes from Emma's lunch box

Writing Emma notes for her lunch box has become a bit of a tradition in our house. I started with one or two notes and then thought it a bit of a waste of time, and creativity, so I stopped. But then Emma's teacher told me she loves her notes. Every lunchtime Emma makes Teacher Jen read the note to her, and then she laughs or says "aaaaah ka-yoooooooot!"

Mark, being the doteful daddy he is took it one step further, saving each every note Emma gets. He's got a memory box going and all her 'artwork' (I use the term loosely), school reports, photos, letters, etc are kept here

I've already posted a few lunch box notes, but here's some more...

The last note is courtesy of Dad and it's by far the best one yet...Emma is going to giggle herself silly at this one xxx


  1. What a stunning idea!. Obviously Emma is a fan of "Guess how much I love you" too!

  2. Great idea and lovely notes !! Very inspiring. Your Emma looks so cute & happy on your blog header !! What a sunshine !!

  3. I love these little notes they are just awesome...