Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Made with love...given with love

Yummi stuff

Before Emma I dreamed. I dreamed of all the little things I would do if I had a little girl. I dreamed of the toys she would have, the way her room would be decorated and the mobiles hanging above her cot. Thanks to my broodiness and barreness I was the best guest at any baby shower as I would buy everything that I dreamed of for my very own baby.

Every baby shower gift included an essential, like nappies, creams or soaps, an item of clothing (or two or three) and an extra special little gift courtesy of Yummi. 

Yummi holds a very special place in my heart. After finding out we were pregnant I bought my unborn baby a little welcome into the world gift. The first thing that caught my eye was Ethan the Ellie. It was love at first sight and I knew my baby would love him as much as I did.

Ethan the Ellie
Sadly I never got to give my baby the gift, but realizing how incredibly special Ethan was, I passed it onto a friend who was due the same time I would have been. She really didn't want to accept it but when I told her it had been made with love and chosen with love and it was now being passed on with love, she took Ethan in the Ellie in her arms and held him close.

A year or so later when we got the news that Emma was coming home the first thing I did was buy her her very own toy. Walking into our local baby shop my eyes fell on Abbey the Giraffe and I knew immediately that that was THE toy. I didn't even realize it was a Yummi toy, but I knew it was special...


Every baby deserves a gift made by Yummi. Born out of a deep love Sam has for babies and children, each and every Yummi item will hold a place in the heart of the person giving it and the lucky one receiving it. Emma still sleeps with Abbey and spends hours reading to her, making her 'tea' and telling her stories. Abbey has become a part of Emma's life and will hold some wonderful memories for our little girl as she gets older.

What I love about Sam's proudly South African range is that through her passion she has assisted local women in the community to support their families, empowering them and enriching their lives. It's no wonder Yummi products are so beautifully made...

The good news is that Sam has given me a voucher to the value of R300 for one lucky reader.To stand a chance of winning 'like', no, LOVE Yummi's Facebook page and leave a comment here



  1. This stuff is amazing - I may contact her about stocking it in our shop. Love the toys!

  2. That's awesome. I know Sam would be very keen to chat to you. Let me know if you need her details xxx

  3. What an awesome give-away! The Yummi products seem so special, I can't wait to explore their range. Count us in for this win! :)

  4. We are finally on the waiting list for our daughter. Yeas of fertility and heartache behind us, I now get to decorate the nursery :)

    Some things are just worth waiting for

    Lee and quin

  5. I am so happy for you Lee...what an awesome post to read so early in the morning

    Wishing you all the very best and please keep me posted as to when she arrives xxx

  6. This is a bit random, but I want to tell you that you are a much better person than I am.
    I refused to go to most babyshowers when we couldn't have babies. I just couldn't handle it.

  7. Tania let me assure you that I WASN'T nice to have at the baby showers...

    And it got to a point where even shopping for other people's gifts would leave me in tears followed by deep dark depression for days

    I remember one of my friend's falling pregnant and telling everyone but me because she didn't want to upset me

    so nope, definitely not a better person than you, just handled it differently x

  8. I came to your blog via Tania's blog. I've never seen Yummi toys before but now I want to learn more - Ethan the elephant is gorgeous! BTW I'm also a Mummy of two beautiful children that we adopted. A dear friend of mine has just flown to JHB today to fetch her new baby. If I win, I want to give the voucher to her to buy something special for her little angel.

  9. How very very cute are these creatures?!!

    Now that I know how much work goes into making something handmade, I appreciate other artists' work more.

    A2 has a froggie that he sleeps with every night. It was one of his very first toys. He loves his froggie to bits :)

  10. This will be a great toy for our twinkle baby one day...for now we can only dream...


  11. Dream away Natasha...I did and look how blessed I am

    Tracy your comment made me very teary (in a good way). I am so excited for your friend xxx

    How are old are your kidlets?

  12. Sorry to respond so late - for some reason I didn't get notification of your comment. We are going to meet my friend's new daughter on Sunday - I can't wait! Our boys are 3 and 7 and they have made our lives complete.