Tuesday, 15 November 2011

a magical giveaway from In the Night Garden

Once upon a time in the night garden...


In The Night Garden has to be one of Emma's all time favourite shows. As a little baba she loved the colours and sounds. Now she loves to sing along to the various songs and it's still the perfect wind-down-lets-get-ready-for-bed show.

From early on I read the books to her at bedtime, and to this day they're still her favourite favourites. We read about how the Tombliboos lost their trousers and Makka Pakka's funny sounding trumpet. She adores Upsy Daisy's dance and waves good night to Iggle Piggle at the end. You have to get your hands on the book set

If you ask Emma which character she loves most, she puts her finger to her mouth, in serious thought and says "Upsy Daisy. No, Makka Pakka. No, the Ninky Nonk. No, the Pontipines - they're teeny tiny and kayoooooot. No, Iggle Piggle!"

About In The Night Garden
In the Night Garden  is a magical and thoroughly modern televisual interpretation of a nursery-rhyme picture book featuring a host of wonderful characters, living together within a happy and caring community.

The diverse group of characters interact and care for one another unconditionally, despite the substantial differences in their individual sizes. All the characters have their own unique song and dance - with Igglepiggle and Upsy Daisy playing important roles, as their emotional and comic interaction are an essential part of the narratives of many of the episodes.

The programme is funny, reassuring, relaxing and entertaining and is intended for a young audience (aged two to four years). The words, rhymes and music carry young viewers through a happy world of loveable characters and nursery rhyme nonsense.

Like all good stories, In the Night Garden takes children on an imaginative journey and during each episode children will encounter a variety of interesting and unique spaces and characters and will be encouraged to make their own connections amongst them. It has been shot in a real woodland setting to create a compelling and fully immersive experience for young viewers.

The educational value of the show
In The Night Garden helps children to:
  • Learn to care for others unconditionally.
  • Appreciate diversity - understand that everyone is different.
  • Enjoy the wonder of the world around them and to make connections between different places and things.
We're so excited about the series coming to TopTV in January, BBC has kindly given me one very exclusive In The Night Garden hamper for your little one to enjoy.

The hamper includes a Makka Pakka Bath Toy, Iggle Piggle and his blankie, a notebook, a plush Mr Pontipine, the Tombliboos, and Upsy Daisy and Iggle Piggle hand puppets

To win this awesome hamper courtesy of TopTV and BBC all you need to do is dress up as your favourite IN THE NIGHT GARDEN CHARACTER and run down any main street in your area singing (at the top of your voice) I LOVE THE NINKY NONK! Okay, not really, just leave a comment here and maybe get a friend or two to enter as well

Entries for this this giveaway will close on the 30th November

Visit  InThe Night Garden where you can meet the characters, play games and much more


  1. Ha when I read the "dress up" part I thought OMG how am I going to dress up as Iggle Piggle?!? Love the show. Must get the books. Thanks for the opportunity ;)

  2. wahahaha sheesh I'm always a sucker for a competition but I was getting properly nervous for a second there!

  3. As my toddler would say: "Want it! Please mamma!" He has a tiny crush on Upsy Daisy and would be very happy to meet his friends in person :-).

  4. OMG! I have to win this! Ava's 2nd birthday party is in 3 weeks and it's an In The Night Garden theme. I child would just totally plutz for these goodies! Her first name she ever said was "Daisydoo"! I kid you not!

  5. Not sure who enjoys this most - me or my little monster...

    The ninkynonk is the business, completely intoxicating

    love love love

  6. Have to admit long after Emma's lost interest I still sit and watch it...my favourites are the Tombliboos, especially when they drink too much pinky ponk juice

  7. Oh, my little girl loves this program. Whenever the song would start, she would make circles with her finger on her other hand, like what the baby going to sleep would do....it was so cute.

  8. Amandalynn has a little book that looks like it has been eaten, but that is how many times we have read it! Pock me Pick me!

  9. I swear, I would have made Gav run down the street dressed up as Makka Pakka to win this. It's our monkey's favourite favourite show..

  10. My two year old little girl loves In the night garden. What an awesome prize it would make if we did win ~ just in time for her 3rd birthday :) Holding thumbs for me xxxxxx

  11. Sometimes I feel like Makka Pakka. I seriously wish it was on earlier in the evening instead the Waybloodybuloo. My niece, now 4, used to be enamoured with ITNG, reading me stories from her book set.

  12. My son loves the show. It is really good for getting him to eat(usually quite a job).

  13. Sheldene Reynolds17 November 2011 at 12:03

    As a new mom of a 4 month old i havent come into contact with the books or program but would love to support something that fosters the values you mention. Thanks for the info via Sam Choles

  14. IgglePiggle and Upsy daisy are MY favourite, Kamva doesn't watch much tv but I love in the night garden. Hoping she'll fall in love with it soon enough :-)

  15. Thank you for the great insight about this show. My son loves it, I find it a tad freaky - but your post just put it all into a lot more perspective for me. Totally loveable nonsense! It is a great wind down and the theme music easily puts my Monkey to bed.

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