Thursday, 15 December 2011


I was reading Sharon's post this week, the one about honouring their Birth Mother. I love the way Sharon remembers and honours Ava's BM. It is, as Sharon says, "a love so deep that it is not understandable by most".

I have never met Emma's Birth Mother. I have seen an ID photo and know a little about her background. I do know that she is in her 30's and already has four children, including a set of twins.

What I have realized is that giving Emma up must have been an incredibly difficult decision for her. What kind of a mother can look at her other children and still make that choice?

A selfless soul who knew that in her current circumstances she would not be able to provide for her new baby. A woman with so much love for her child that she was prepared to make the ultimate sacrifice.

The social worker told us that Emma's BM would call every few days to see how she was doing. She called until the social worker told Emma had found a family. All she asked was if Emma would be loved and taken care of. The social worker answered 'yes, most definitely' and that was the last they heard from her. I remember feeling a huge amount of love for a woman I have never met. A woman who gave me the precious gift of life and a daughter to call my own...

A is for the Angels who heard us asking for our very own baby. A baby we could love and Adore

D is for the Dreams we had of you before we even met. You had curly brown hair, a twinkle in your eye, a little button nose and a smile that brightened up the darkest nights

O is for 'Once upon a time' I only dreamed of been a mommy and now that dream's come true

P is for Prayers answered and a Perfect little girl

T is for Together at last and a family of Three

E is for Ever. That's how long we'll love you and we'll be forEver grateful that you are ours

D is for Dreams that come true and for the Dreams we have for you



  1. Adoption IS love!!!!! Most people dont understand that, a birth mom does not "give up" her baby, she places her baby after careful consideration and the entire act is about love. Its sad that so many people dont see it that way!

  2. we were counselled on loss when we chose to adopt. The loss the BM feels. The loss the baby experiences and the loss a woman feels knowing she cannot have her 'own' children. I have the hugest admiration and love for any cannot be easy and yes, it is done with a love that very few people understand...