Thursday, 8 December 2011

Emma's Christmas

Photo courtesy of Nina Say Cheese

I'm big on Christmas. I'm big on birthdays. In fact I'm big on any celebration.

And now as Emma gets older and more aware of things around her I'm loving all these special occasions. Like this year for Mark's birthday Emma and I woke up a little earlier, went downstairs and got things ready. I, I mean we, blew up a few balloons, put up a 'Happy Birthday' banner, got a cup of tea ready and put some candles in a cupcake. All the while telling each other to 'sshhhhhh' while we giggled. The look on Mark's face when he saw what we had done was priceless and Emma was so proud of herself...

We'll be in Knysna for Christmas, with Emma's granny and grandpa, who I know will make Emma's day super special. There's be Santa footprints throughout the house, with half eaten biscuits and half a glass of milk left behind. I might even get some chocolate vermicelli and sprinkle it around, blaming it on Rudolph's bad toilet habits. Oh and maybe leave a little collar with a bell lying somewhere on the floor. Rudolph's of course :)

So Emma's Christmas list looks something like this (okay, it's more mine than it is hers)



  1. Melinda, I wish I could be a fly on the wall in your house sometimes ;-)
    Your posts are delight.

  2. It is awesome when they start getting excited about the celebrations! Not so much when they give away the surprise - but that is mostly dads who are silly enough to share the surprise long before the actual moment.