Thursday, 19 January 2012

Notes to Emma

Not sure if you ever watched the series 'The Big C' on Mnet? It was about a woman diagnosed with cancer and making all the changes she wanted before she shimmied, jazz hands and all, off this mortal coil. I often wonder (not in a macabre kind of way, probably a more narcissistic one) how I would handle the news of my impending death.

There are days where I have romantic notions of selling the house, taking Emma and Mark by the hand, getting on a plane and just traveling the world until the only thing left for me to do is the rather unattractive death rattle.

And then there's other days where I think I would have to get my will sorted out. I'd have to tie up any loose ends that need tying up and make sure I find the right replacement wife and mom for Mark and Emma...

A cousin of mine was diagnosed with a brain tumour. She literally crawled into her bed and waited to die. We were all shocked. She had always been a free spirit and a fighter. If anyone could have gotten through it (in our minds), she could. Turns out we were all wrong.

This isn't supposed to be a morbid post (I got told by someone recently that my blog is depressing) but it's a 'what-would-I-do-if-my-sexy-good-looking-doc-told-me-I-was-dying-tomorrow' kind of a post.

I've given it a lot of thought. I'd be myself. Mark would still be the sensible one in the relationship, getting all the responsible things done. I'd still piss him off because I didn't put the milk back in the fridge or because I had left something lying somewhere. I'd still be loud and corny and I'd still have my off days BUT what I would do is leave notes for Emma, in a journal, an album, on a blog, for her to read one day...

You will never be as beautiful, as funny, as gorgeous, as perfect, as you are RIGHT NOW!

No matter what anyone tells you, NEVER EVER wear sensible underwear

ALWAYS use sunblock. You'll thank me when you don't end up looking like a saddle bag with eyes

Try not to be THAT girl. EVER

No matter what, if he's saying I LOVE YOU on the first date, he wants 'sexytime'

Never COMPROMISE who you are for anyone. At any time. They'll move on and you'll end up with nothing but a shell

Never start a sentence or a question with "I'm sorry!"

Dance LIKE no-one's watching...pick your nose WHEN no-one's watching

Whatever you choose to be one day make sure it makes you happy...even if we have no idea what it is

Love your life AND the people in it

Bugs have families too...don't go STOMPING on every goggo you see

Of all the things I have achieved, YOU are the one of which I am most proud

Whoever you choose to fall in love with one day will be the LUCKIEST person alive

Loving you was not a choice, it was my DESTINY

Be good to those around you BUT especially to yourself. Be kind and treat 'you' like you'd treat your very best friend


There is no time like the PRESENT. Especially if there's a sale on

No man IS ever worth losing your dignity over

There is something like TOO much blue eyeshadow

YOU are a prayer answered

Green is the new black? Grey is the new black? CRAP! Black is timeless...and beautiful

Lose your virginity. Lose your mind. NEVER lose your sense of humour

Christmas and birthday lists SHOULD never have things you need..only things you want

Cutting your nose off to spite your face is PAINFUL

There are WARM FUZZIES and COLD PRICKLIES...try and steer clear of the COLD PRICKLIES

And last but not least. I've hidden the money in the..........


  1. Such love!!!! A beautiful post.

  2. These notes to Emma are awesome. One day she'll read them and there will be no doubt in her mind that she has one wise mama!

  3. Beautiful post! I think I would put everything in order BUT I will make every day count. And take that trip back to Italy I always wanted to - but with all my loved ones.