Thursday, 12 January 2012

One person's trash is another person's treasure

 "A mother's love for her child is like nothing else in the world. It knows no law, no pity. It dares all things and crushes down remorselessly all that stands in its path.” Agatha Christie

While we were in the process of meeting, visiting and adopting Emma there was a baby girl at The Lighthouse Baby Shelter who had been left in a cemetery, to die.

Baby R was in a desperate state and her life hung in the balance. But a fighter and a survivor, she pulled through and has been at the shelter since. On our visits she is always happy to sit on a lap, get a hug or a squeeze but she is always a little reserved, almost a little distrusting, a little nervous of when she's going to be 'thrown away' again. But with the love, care and attention of the staff she has blossomed into a beautiful little three year old who gets up to all sorts of mischief with her 'family'.

In December last year, one of Emma's teachers at school asked me whether I knew anyone her aunt could chat to about adopting. As a 57 year old woman it wasn't proving easy and any enquiries she had made had been met with a 'thank you but you're too old'. Of course I passed on Eleanor's number. Already into her 50's, she adopted one of the kiddies who arrived at the shelter as a newborn and I figured that if anyone understood this woman's need to adopt (at her age) she would.

While on holiday I got a message from Andrea, Emma's teacher, with the subject MEET OUR NEW COUSIN. I opened the image up and there, in all her gorgeousness, was Baby R. Nicky had walked into the shelter, taken one look at this little miracle, and fell in love instantly. Oddly enough, Baby R who has always been reserved around strangers, fell in love too and the process to adopt has begun.

Words cannot explain my joy at Baby R finding her forever home. Just like she waited in that cemetery for someone to rescue her, she waited at the shelter for three years for her 'mom' to fetch her.

While someone else nonchalantly left Baby R in a graveyard, another woman waited 57 years for her...


  1. Thank you for making me cry at work :)
    I love happy endings

  2. I was so excited...I whooped up a storm in the restaurant. Mark and Emma had no idea what was going on

  3. Jip, thank you for the tears!

    Made my day.

  4. My heart is so happy to hear this! I know that one day I WILL adopt a baby even if I am able to have babies of my own.

  5. Aw! So special!!! I love happy endings/beginnings!

  6. That is so wonderful! Prior to adopting our two boys I didn't really believe in fate and serendipity too much but now I KNOW that the right child will find the right parent(s) even if it takes a while. Now I know that forever families are also "meant-to-be" families! This story had gladdened my heart. Sending many blessings to Baby R and her new mum.

  7. Tracy I feel exactly the same way. The first time I saw Emma I knew she was ours and as much as i knew Baby R needed a home as much as Emma did, I knew she wasn't ours...

    I am just so glad that this little angel has finally met her mommy xxx