Monday, 9 January 2012

Win with Nannies in Training

A lot of people have a nanny. All swear they could never do without their domestic goddesses. We entrust our most valuable possessions with their minders...

Nannies. Domestic Goddesses. Carers. Minders. Operational Heads of Domestic Affairs. Their titles may change, but there is no denying that life wouldn't be what it is without these amazing people in our lives.

Nannies in Training realises the importance of having a childminder you can trust with your little bundles. As moms themselves, they know the feeling of having to leave your little one at home when you have to return to work. With this in mind, Nannies in Training offer a variety of courses to assist parents in their childcare needs.



Nannies in Training has given me one BABY AND TODDLER CARE COURSE to give away on my blog.

This is without a doubt one the most awesome giveaways yet! It's a chance for your minder to empower themselves and learn and you benefit as a family too...
The course covers the following modules: Being the Best, Hygiene, Safety, Practical How To Section from dressing baby to bathing baby to changing nappies and sterilising bottles, Crying Baby and what to do, Colic Baby and what to do, Nutrition Basics, Balancing Housework and Baby, Playtime activities from 1 month to 2 years.

Valued at R1400, this course is absolutely priceless. Sorry but only mom's in the Gauteng area are able to enter. Leave a comment here and make sure your friends enter too...



  1. I'm in! With Anna starting on Thursday and me returning to work mid-Feb, this would be an amazing prize!

  2. holding's a great way to get Anna to feel more confident around L and M xxx

  3. This sounds great! I am in the process of adopting and will surely need this.

    Adele Pieterse
    (for some reason my name appears as nmfghjt)

  4. how exciting...keep me posted with the adoption xxx

  5. Love your blog Melinda! This would be a fantastic win!