Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Outrageous mom's (kid's) party

Hi my name's Melinda and I've realised I'm an outrageous mom when it comes to throwing a kid's party. On 24th January 2013 it's be Ben's 1st birthday and I've ALREADY decided it's going to be a Smurf party with a cake smash...I can't tell you what I'm doing tomorrow or the day after that, but I can tell you what I'll be doing for his party in almost a year's time.

But for now I'm concentrating on Emma's party, which started off as a fairy party which became a Lalaloopsy party which is now a woodland theme...

I got my inspiration from Google and am so excited to see it all come together. I've even started making my own toadstools.

We've chosen The River Cabin in Chartwell as the venue and the SAVE THE DATE mail has been sent. The invite's ready to go but I don't want to look too eager.

I am over-the-moon-hot-diggity-do excited because the lovely and very talented Danielle from Moemas will be doing the catering for the party. From the kiddies cakes and treats to the adults food. And I can't wait. There's going to macarons and cake pops, petit fours and cupcakes, savoury treats for adults and some healthy options for the kiddies.

Without knowing it little Ben might just be part of the props too...


  1. Oh my! I cant wait to see more photos :)
    I LOVE the last pic of the red cake pops with white sprinkle things on them, you have to have those!!!

  2. I just LOVE that picture of Ben!

  3. OOOHHH - sounds fab. Em is lucky! Can you send some of the menu down here???

  4. Oh it is going to be a beautiful party!