Monday, 23 April 2012

Ben is blossoming

It is said that the first time a baby laughs a fairy is born. If we were to believe in folklore and fairy tales then a thousand fairies are making their way home.

Ben is blossoming. He is a happy little thing who smiles and gurgles and giggles and squeals. He loves his big sister Emma and she loves him right back. It's her voice that gets a smile straight away. She loves her role and takes caring for him very seriously. When he cries, she shushes him gently and says "Don't cry Ben, Emma's here".

Ben can lie for ages staring at the angels who brought him to us and continue to keep him in their care...which considering the last few weeks, is an absolute delight to watch.

He is loved beyond measure by us and all of you who gave so freely and generously. There's days that I feel embarrassed that we weren't able to rush out and buy brand new things for our little boy, but I believe there was a reason for that. From his very first day he was surrounded by the love that you wrapped your 'gifts' with. Shop bought might be sparkly and new but it's not brimming over with the kindness and  warmth of the human spirit

...and that's why Ben is blossoming xxx


  1. he is such a precious pie xoxo

  2. He is beautifl and I can just see how loved he is.