Saturday, 7 April 2012

How not to plan a party

I think I've figured out how not to plan the perfect birthday party for the little person / s in your life. I would suggest not having too much time on your hands and not googling ideas. I'd also suggest not popping into In Good Company in Parkhurst AND I strongly suggest you DO NOT go any where near Moemas. Danielle's passion and enthusiasm is contagious and chances are you'll catch a dose of terminal happiness...

 The most beautiful goodies to host a party from In Good Company
including a paper cupcake stand

 My DIY garland, using fabric from some of Emma's clothes she's outgrown

 My DIY toadstools for the venue

I've been DIY'ing myself into a light coma - paper pompoms, thank you gifts, pinatas (yes I'm making a pinata) and bunting. On the food side Danielle is talking desert tables, giant lollipops for the garden, cake pops, macaron towers, etc.

The excitement is building for the big day! BTW I'll be having my 40th at Moemas too


  1. I tried this for the first few birthdays, but discovered that my girls are just as happy in a large garden or park. No decor, just sweets, cake, fruit and space to play. But maybe that is because we are Waldorf people as are most of our girl's friends.

  2. It sounds fantastic! Love the idea to use her old clothes

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