Thursday, 3 May 2012

Don't mess with my tutu

So we're counting down 'til Saturday for Emma's party. It's a woodlands theme but Emma's taken a fancy to all things fairy-like. She's also mad over anything caucasian, tiny waisted, long haired and busty. She loves Tinkerbell and Barbie as well as Ariel. How does this happen? Not once has she asked me for an Oprah dolly or a Michelle Obama action doll (another blog post, possibly?)

So here's the gorgeous princess tutu I made for her. Chances are she'll wear it for a minute or two and then demand it be taken off...

I wanted to dress Ben up as a woodland animal but Mark insists he's cute enough. Looking at this picture I'm going to have to agree


  1. Oh she looks gorgeous! I have also made quite a few no sew tutus.And they all love

  2. I'm a firm believer that every little girl has to own at least one tutu :-)

    Ben is cuteness personified!